A French distillery for whisky lovers

Rooted in the heart of the Greater Saint-Émilion Area, the distillery is a workshop for one-of-a-kind creations. In harmony with the founders’ vision, it is also a haven for inspiration, experimentation and sharing.

A peaceful atmosphere reigns, with subtle aromas emanating. The gentle curves of our ovoid vats allow the bouquet to express itself and blossom. Finally, the copper tones of our pot stills warm our hearts as they deliver their nectar. Each essential step in the genesis of our vintage single malts is nurtured.

Salle de fermentation du whisky représentant des cuves ovoïdales.

The fermentation process of our whisky

The vat area houses seven concrete eggs, a world-first for a whisky distillery: we were inspired by local savoir-faire to develop a unique production unit. The vats’ ovoid shape naturally intensifies the malt’s floral notes and aromatic potential.

The art of distillation in our distillery

With the greatest respect for Cognac traditions, Maison Lineti is equipped with two 25 hectolitre direct fire pot stills. The copper used is hammered by hand to favour interactions with the vapour and prevent lees or fatty substances from sticking to the sides. Above the boiler, the onion shaped still head plays a purifying role when in contact with the vapour. Therefore, the future whisky is perfectly balanced between finesse and structure.

Salle de distillation du whisky représentant des alambics charentais.
Salle de vieillissement du whisky représentant des barriques sur sept niveaux.

Ageing our whiskies

In our cellar, the barrels sit upon a discrete steel structure up to seven levels high, as if they were levitating. This system ensures easy and independent handling during the blending step. Matured in a cellar that is sensitive to climatic variations, the single malt will evolve through the seasons before being bottled.