Discover the art of French whisky

Like a new movement, Maison Lineti offers an innovative and artistic vision of whisky through an exceptional savoir-faire.

Between science and instinct, the magic of our whisky lies in the creation, the discovery of flavours and sensations. With our vintage single malts, we offer a new multi-sensory approach at the hands of time. 

a constant evolution

Just like fine wines where each vintage is distinctive, Maison Lineti reinterprets its style by constantly challenging itself in its pursuit of excellence.

Therefore, each year a new approach will emerge with its new aromatic expression and new identity: unique, whilst maintaining its remarkable organoleptic signature.


Le millésime, l'évolution permanente des whiskies
Offrir le goût du temps dans chaque bouteille

A sensory journey
in five chapters

To create even more emotions in the discovery of the new vintage, it is divided into 5 “chapters”, each representing a different barrel maturation duration. Whisky lovers will be able to experience a true journey through time and better understand the impact maturation has on a whisky’s evolution.

More than a simple tasting it’s a new sensory experience, taking each and every one of you on an incredible vertical tasting.


Creating is an art

How can we show the world the creative passion that drives us, the desire to take risks, to think of whisky differently ?

By each year inviting a new artist to give his interpretation of the vintage in 5 creations, representing the five chapters of our whiskies.


Créer, façonner est un art du whisky
La fraîcheur, signature des whiskies Maison Lineti.

Freshness as a distinctive feature

Maison Lineti’s main features are the same in every vintage: floral and mineral notes, with a hint of freshness. To assert freshness is also to assert a certain form of purity, which is why we have chosen to only produce organic single malts.