Maison Lineti was conceived by passionate entrepreneurs from the world of fine wines. With passion and ambition, they set out together to create a high-end French whisky. The founders of the whisky distillery have a deep respect for the most emblematic Grands Crus, from which they draw their inspiration. The creation of their organic whisky was designed to meet these same high standards.

Salle de distillation du whisky représentant des alambics charentais.

The whisky production team is made up of men and women entirely devoted to the finesse of the distillates. The distillery is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that combine innovation and tradition. The result is the signature elegance of French whiskies: every detail is carefully thought through, with nothing left to chance.

A world first in the sector, Maison Lineti ferments its wort in seven egg-shaped concrete vessels. This symbolic design is a nod to the vats of the most prestigious Bordeaux estates. For the distillation, the team embraces tradition by opting for two Charentais stills heated by open fire.


Maison Lineti is inspired by the concept of vintage, essential to fine wines, reinventing it for the world of whisky. For the entire team at the distillery, the variations between Vintages are intentional and not imposed by nature. Each year, human creativity and inspiration are our weather and climate. Each Vintage varies because our imagination is constantly evolving. Every year is a new adventure, based on a savoir-faire that is constantly evolving and growing.

A new Vintage is a blank canvas, a clean slate. A new Vintage is an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. A new Vintage is the promise of a whisky that will never be repeated.

Each Vintage represents a unique creative year. Our French whisky is then produced in 5 Chapters. Each is bottled after 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 years of cask maturation.

Each Chapter is an age statement that celebrates a milestone in the life of our whisky. Like the chapters in our lives, the character of our whisky blossoms. It evolves over time, while its soul remains unchanged.

By collecting the 5 Chapters of a Vintage over time, we embark on a unique sensory journey. In this way, the rich history of each Vintage can be experienced.

Vieillissement du whisky millésimé dans des fûts de chêne français.


Maison Lineti is designed for both whisky amateurs and connoisseurs. It offers a fascinating journey through time, where malted barley and yeast come together. During this journey, fermentation and distillation are intimately linked. More than ever, patience is the key to excellence.

Dégustation de whisky millésimé par le Docteur Magali Picard.

Our Whisky Master, Dr. Magali Picard, plays a crucial role in developing the recipes. She combines her in-depth knowledge of barrel aged spirits with her keen sense of creativity and foresight. In her Master Notes, she takes an educational approach to each aspect of whisky science.

She invites readers to join her on a journey of discovery into the world of single malts. Thanks to her, you can unlock the mysteries of whisky production in Bordeaux. Through her articles, quench your curiosity and expand your knowledge of the subject.

Maison Lineti : une distillerie française au cuvier ovoïde
Quand arômes et saveurs se mettent au service d'un whisky bio


Crafting a quality whisky requires expertise at each stage of the production process. Maison Lineti has set its sights on the creation of single malt whisky. From the choice of malted barley to the barrel selection, each phase of the process is carefully planned.

Maison Lineti’s single malt whisky is characterised by a signature style that transcends vintage and age. It is characterised by floral and mineral notes, sublimated on the palate by a subtle tension and a hint of freshness.

More than any other stage, fermentation plays an essential role in the wine’s aromas. In our fermentation vessels, the magic begins. Gentle and silent, refined and confident. It’s during the tasting that the beauty becomes obvious.

The founders’ philosophy remains unchanged: the difference between wine and whisky is small. Maison Lineti challenges the boundaries between these worlds and rewards connoisseurs with a sensory journey.

Une bouteille élégante pour un single malt raffiné