Maison Lineti was keen to give a whole new dimension to rarity and personalisation. From the very first drops produced in its stills, the First Drops were born. These casks were bursting with pure energy and the spirit of entrepreneurship and experimentation. They were full of meaning and emotion.

This unique and unprecedented event was a phenomenal success. It gave enthusiasts the chance to get involved in French Vintage Whisky. Encouraged by this achievement, the team designed a new opportunity to collect its single malt: Fine Drops.

Each year, the distillery dedicates a few casks of its new Vintage to the Fine Drops whisky collection. Each cask is the promise of an eternal bond with Maison Lineti. Each single cask provides the first opportunity to discover the qualities of the Vintage, before the release of the first Chapter.


The range of barrels on offer varies each year, depending on the character of each Vintage. The ex-Bourbon casks are always featured, while rare casks of different origins will vary. Together, they will sublimate the already refined and elegant new make spirit.

Votre fût unique ouvre également les portes d’un remarquable club de détenteurs.

A whisky collection

Barrels of sherry, port and many more will appear. Each one will reveal new aromas and sensations to the most curious collectors. Guided by their instinct and their palate, whisky enthusiasts will watch the unique character of each cask unfold.

A personalised bottle

With the guidance of our Whisky Master, they will decide on the future of their limited editions. Tasting their whisky will enlighten their choice over the years. The bottle can be completely customised to suit their style. Their cask can then be bottled whenever they want.

Each Fine Drops cask is designed to capture the personality of a single barrel – amplifying every detail of its uniqueness. When the creator feels ready, they will have the joy of bottling it and sharing it with their loved ones. It will reflect the tastes and dreams of those who join us in this adventure

Dr. Magali Picard, Whisky Master.


To symbolise your unique bond with Maison Lineti, you will receive a book with exclusive contents. On each page, you’ll find the history of the Vintage, illustrated by exclusive photographs. You’ll also discover conversations with some fascinating people and a paper certificate of authenticity.

A book for each barrel

This book will show you how much Maison Lineti is committed to spirits. Reading it will awaken your senses and pique your curiosity. Behind the words are the soul of Maison Lineti and the passion of its founders.

Each Fine Drops oak cask comes with its own NFT – digital certificate of authenticity – making it unique and unrepeatable. By scanning the QR code, you’ll be welcomed on a journey you’ve never been on before, where you’ll be able to forge a direct relationship with us.

Achetez et collectionnez des fûts uniques de Whisky Millésimé français.


Maison Lineti is one of the only distilleries in France to share a part of its history with you. Thanks to the Fine Drops, it is forging a lasting and authentic bond with you. There are many benefits to buying these casks.

Un fût de chêne dédié aux Fine Drops de la Maison Lineti

A refined vintage French whisky

Among them, the distillery gives you priority access to its prestigious French whisky. Your unique cask also opens the doors to a remarkable club of collectors.

We’re entrusting you with a rare glimpse of our production. Through it, we decide to write a part of our history together. Side by side with you.

Une des barriques issue de la collection de whisky Maison Lineti.


Build a limited collection of single malt whisky with Maison Lineti. Year after year. Never repeated.