Collect our French Vintage Whiskies

Encouraged by the success of our once-in-a-lifetime First Drops release, our team has dreamt up a new opportunity to co-create and collect: Fine Drops.
Each year we devote a fraction of our fine distilled spirit from each Maison Lineti Vintage to Fine Drops. Each barrel offers a privileged bond with Maison Lineti, and an opportunity for collectors to be first to discover the qualities of the Vintage and acquire it ‘En Primeur’, before its first Chapter is publicly released.

Livre sur la production du whisky et sur les recettes de nos single malt millésimés.

Discover an exclusive selection of single malt casks

The range of casks proposed will vary each year, based on the Vintage’s characteristics. For the perfect comparing experience, Ex-Bourbon casks will be available every year, while different rare casks from diverse origins will unlock new aromas and sensations for the most curious collectors.

French whisky casks with a unique character

You will be guided by your instinct and your palate, while watching the unique character of each cask unfold. Finally, you will decide on the precise moment to bottle your exclusive edition, according to your taste and accompanied by our distillery team.

Unlock the mysteries of maturation

To symbolise this unique bond, you will receive a book about the history of the Vintage, which serves as a paper certificate of authenticity. In addition to its legal dimension, the NFT will arouse your senses and excite your curiosity. Maison Lineti’s soul and the founders’ passion is revealed as you turn the pages.

Your private cask benefits

Each Fine Drops cask is associated with its own NFT, making it unique and unrepeatable. By scanning the QR code, you will access exclusive privileges creating a personal bond between us.

Grâce à un QR-code, accédez à des avantages privés au coeur de notre distillerie de whisky français.